Get to know Zumosol!

In 1988, Zumosol is born as one of the pioneer brands in the juice segment, becoming the leader of the Spanish market in a very short time.

In 2014, Zumosol is re-launched in Spain with the philosophy of developing high-quality juices made only from 100% natural ingredients and aiming for excellency in all of its processes.


“Spain’s most historical juice brand, with the help of its cousin, renews itself and brings you a new range of 100% juices and new kinds of delicious beverages.”


The brand’s new mission is to elevate the image and the public’s perception of this segment through innovation, communication and corporate social responsability. The exhaustive selection of raw materials and our strict quality controls, added to our renewed manufacturing processes, guarantee superior texture and taste in all of our product range.

Zumosol, in its commitment to innovate, continues to develop new high-quality products, with increasingly environmentally-friendly packaging, betting on BIODERADABLE MATERIALS, contributing to a more sustainable future. This is a new challenge that boosts market growth and satisfies an increasingly demanding customer.


Zumosol only elaborates quality juices made from carefully selected fruits.